Valentine Blackjack

Fall in love with Valentine Blackjack. This classic blackjack game is still your favorite, just with a lovely Valentine's Day theme to keep your relationship status with Blackjack going all year long!

Valentine Blackjack puts you against the dealer in some one on one blackjack action. Play casino style blackjack all game long. Looking for your best odds? Click the speech bubble button to know what the odds say you should do. Place your bet, deal the cards, and it's up to you, winner! It's as easy at that!

Blackjack Valentines Day Strategy

  • To double your blackjack bet, click the double button on your chips after the cards are dealt.
  • The home screen has all the blackjack options you'll need, like how many decks of cards and full time advice.
  • Valentine Blackjack records your highest chip count, so try to beat it every time!


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