Summer Blackjack

Beat the heat this summer with the coolest Blackjack game around - Summer Blackjack! Summer blackjack has all the best summertime cards on a fun water themed background, making you dream of the beach or pool, even if you're stuck in a cubicle!

A casino game has never been this fun! Play directly against the dealer in this blackjack variation with Vegas style odds! Choose your bet and deal those cards! Depending on your hand, this Summer Blackjack game has all the best features to continue playing the best blackjack game - double down, split, hit, stand, insurance, and more!

Need help? Press the speech bubble in the right corner for advice on what to do next. At the beginning of the game there are many options for the blackjack player, like always having advice, number of decks, insurance, and more! Be sure to check this feature out to fully customize your Blackjack experience!

Blackjack Summer Strategy

  • Hit the beach in your cubicle with Summer Blackjack
  • Ask advice if you're not sure what to do - Speech bubble in right corner gives advice!
  • Change the number of decks in the blackjack options to change the odds.
  • Use the double down button when the dealer is likely to lose and you have 11 or less!


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