Cinco de Mayo Blackjack

You will be fiestaing all the way to the bank with Cinco de Mayo Blackjack! Play classic blackjack against the dealer in this one on one Cinco de Mayo matchup featuring fun Cinco de Mayo theming and cards.

Bet then have the dealer deal your hands. Attempt to reach 21 without going over. You have all the playability of being in a casino at the tip of your fingers at home or at work! Advice is offered in the bottom right if you're not sure what to do. Advice will let you know where your best blackjack odds lie based on your hand and the dealers. Play forever and come back to a saved game if you have to walk away. If you sadly lose, no worries! You can just play again!

Blackjack Cinco de Mayo Strategy

  • Insurance is a loser's bet. Don't take it.
  • Hitting blackjack means you have an ace and a card worth ten on the flop. This earns you 1.5 times your bet!
  • You don't have to walk away when you're hot or cold, you can play Blackjack forever!


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