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Winter Blackjack

When the weather gets chilly, come get on a hot streak with Winter Blackjack!

Blackjack is such a fun game, and we've decided to heat it up with a fun Winter theme! Pit yourself against the dealer in an instant play casino game where you don't have to pay to play or sign up just to get dealt in! Play instantaneously with Winter Blackjack!

Blackjack is a casino game where you are dealt two face up cards and asked to make decisions concerning those cards dealt. It's just you against the dealer, who will have one card face up and one face down at the beginning of a deal. Bet your money and you're on your way. Your aim is to get closest or equal to 21 with your cards, without going over, while simultaneously beating the dealer. It's a game of playing your own hand and the dealer's hand! Winter Blackjack gives you all the choices you'd get in a casino: double, stay, hit (get another card), split, insure, and more!

Blackjack Winter Strategy

  • You'll get instantly warm with a Blackjack and win 1 and a half times the money you bet!
  • Have 11 points on the Blackjack flop and the dealer has a low card? Bank on a dealer bust and double down!
  • Confused about what to do? Ask for a blackjack hint by pressing the speech bubble in the right corner.


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